Need for Hearing Aid Care


You’ve invested with in Hearing Aids and currently you’ve got enjoying life with higher hearing. Here are some care and safety tips to form positive your hearing aids work their best for several years to come back.

Some Tips of Hearing Aid Care


  • Handle your hearing aids gently.
  • Clean the hearing aids regularly with a soft, dry cloth
  • Turn off your hearing aid before you go to bed.
  • Check listening quality.
  • Keep your hearing aids away from heat.
  • Remove your hearing aids before using spray, perfume, insect repellent or powder.
  • Do not try to lubricate hearing aid parts.
  • Keep your hearing aids out of the reach of children and pets.
  • To clean your hearing aids, use cleaning agents approved for hearing aids.
  • Use the correct battery size for your particular hearing aid.

Because modern hearing aids are so tiny, it is best to place them in a small container after you remove them. This prevents the chance of dropping them on the floor, or putting an item on top of them.

At Hearing Solutions, we make sure that our customers learn the most about Hearing Aid Care and are able to maintain them for a long period of time.