Hearing Aids Batteries

We are providing long lasting and high voltage aid batteries along with our Hearing Aids. Our batteries are manufactured by the German Varta-Power. It is a single largest hearing aid battery manufacturer all over world.

Batteries Benefits

Hearing solution has  Zinc-air batteries. These batteries are air-activated, factory-sealed and the sticker permits them to stay inactive till it’s removed. Once bare-asses from the rear of the battery, chemical element can move with the atomic number 30 within the battery and “turn it on.” to induce the most effective performance from a zinc-air battery, wait regarding one minute once removing the sticker to completely activate before inserting it within the Hearing Device.

  • Compact battery storage using zinc air batteries technology.
  • Storage can be tailored individually to required output and capacity.
  • High-tech design & electronic control in battery and energy management.
  • Integrated emergency power option protects against possible power failures.
  • Superior Ease of Use & Comfort.
  • Long Shelf Life.
  • Ample Flexibility.
  • Green & Environmentally Friendly.

Sizes of Batteries

  • Size 10
  • Size 13
  • Size 312
  • Size 675


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